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How to use ribbon to make a basic faux bow

Author:Admin Date::2016-05-14 17:19:34
All Bows are a variation of the Basic Bow . To be a confident bowmaker requires practice. Purchase an inexpensive large roll of ribbon and practice making the basic bow.  However, if you need a bow in a hurry and you have never tied a Basic Bow before, here is a simple fail-safe way to make a Basic Bow.

Basic Faux Bow   

1. Using 2-1/3 yards of ribbon, cut the ribbon into single lengths to make loops: Cut one 3" piece for the center loop and two 4" pieces  , two 5" pieces , two  7" pieces and  two 8" pieces for the rest of the bow.  Cut the remaining piece of ribbon in half for  tails and set aside. Choose ribbon is the first step ,satin ribbon ,grosgrain ribbon ,metallic ribbon ,organza ribbon .

2. Fold each section in half and hot glue the ends together. Scrunch the ends as you glue them to give the bow a "tied look". 


3. Lay the two largest sections end to end and hot glue one end slightly over the other. Add the rest of the loops starting from the largest to the smallest, hot gluing the ends to the center on each side as you go. 


4. Glue in the center loop after all the loops are in place. Cut the remaining ribbon into two equal sections for the tails. Hot glue the tails to the back of the bow. Cut the ends in inverted "V"'s.  

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