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International Working Women's Day

Author:Admin Date::2016-03-07 14:04:58
March 8 is the International working Women's Day, also known as the March Eighth, Women's Day, International Women's Day, the women of the world for peace, equality and development of the festival. For over a century, women in all countries to fight for their rights and made unremitting efforts.
1911 March 8 is the first International Women's Day .
China began in 1922 to commemorate the "38" Festival. Chinese women's first mass to commemorate the "March" festival is held in Guangzhou in 1924. December 1949, the Central People's Government Administration Council celebrate March 8 as Women's Day. In 1977 the General Assembly adopted a resolution inviting each country in accordance with their historical and national traditions and customs, the selected day of the year in women's rights and for the United Nations World Day of Peace. 

Nowadays, Women's day tend to me a festival of shopping. In China, the shops would have big discount with everything that related with women. Generally, the women can have a half day holiday, so they can go to shopping.

It is also tend to be a day of mother's day. In each kindergarden, the teacher would tell the kids to make gifts for their mum, and tell the kids to help their mum to do some housework.

Changle Anrui Ribbon Factory also celebrate Women's day, every woman in the factory can get a gift, all the women can have half day's holiday for shopping or rest.

Changle Anrui Ribbon Factory is a ribbon manufacturer, products cover metallic ribbon, plaid ribbon, satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, organza ribbon, printed ribbon, ribbon bows and customized ribbons.

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